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RISK Management 

Julio Lucero

President & Field Supervisor. Over 30 years in soccer as player and coach.

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join REAl world futbol Club and play travel soccer without the redtape.


We facilitate the path to travel without big club policies. You

  • You set your team's long term goals
  • You choose which players join your team 
  • You choose your team
  • You choose your uniform and colors

All home games are played at Stonewall Jackson High School in Manassas

Real World Futbol Club will provide practice fields and administrative support so that you can focus on player development and creating a highly competitive team.

For a membership application, please email us.  

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To provide coaches  an affordable solution for playing soccer in area leagues and the ability to build travel teams without excessive restrictions.  

Start a New Travel Team or Bring an Existing Team

Don't let the high cost of travel soccer prevent your team from experiencing a higher level of play. Teams can be placed in  NCSL or ODSL travel league.  Join now!

Travel Soccer at an Affordable Price 

Join the world of travel soccer!

Real World Futbol Club